Social Media

Would You Ever Leave Facebook?
I know the thought of there being a mass exodus on Facebook seems pretty ridiculous, but there was a point in time in which I would have said the same thing about Myspace. Any platform has the possibility of being replaced by the "new thing". Facebook just typically buys the "new th…
Hate won't drive out hate
Maybe it's because it is the holiday season or maybe it's the last two vicious political cycles we've gone through, but I've noticed a lot lately, especially on Social Media, how much hate there is in the world.
Who's Not On Social Media In Your Universe?
Believe it or not, I'm one of the most active members of my family on social media. Specifically Facebook, for me.
I've got a sister in law who has a "rockstar" social media presence, and one cousin who is active as well.
Other than that, mom, step mom, 3 nieces, and my goo…
Bad Words
I'll start by saying that if you don't know me personally, that I do swear. Not as much as I used to but still much more than I should. Call it "self awareness" or call it "getting old". Either way, I try to cuss less. And I'm very careful abou…
Your Social Media Posts
Can you post whatever you want on your social media without your employer being able to regulate what you say?
That's what's being asked over a post that a deputy court clerk in Minot, ND posted while on vacation. I don't think that her actual opinion is what I'm focused on...