Get Kids Hooked On Fishing At Wild Bill Lake On June 8
It's Free Kids Fishing Day at Wild Bill Lake on Saturday, June 8. Children (up to age 12) and their parents can fish for free from 10am to 2pm with a hot dog lunch provided. Prizes will be given away throughout the day so introduce your children to an activity that will hook them for life.
Nowhere to Go
Fish Wildlife and Parks is considering raising the quota on mountain lions in the Bull mountains because of more conflicts with people moving into remote areas.
Nuisance or Novelty?
If you live in the city, do you sometimes take a drive to get back to the country and take in nature?  The open fields and hills are speckled with wildlife.
Bunny Rabbits In Downtown Billings!
Many of us like living in Montana because it's the most wild and free state in the lower 48. We are fortunate to have a huge variety of wildlife you can see on nature hikes, hunting in the back country... and walking to work in the middle of town...