Forget about popular celebs, blockbuster movies and hilarious internet memes for a minute. They’ve all been bested by Taylor Swift‘s cat, Meredith, on E!’s 100 Best Things in Pop Culture list. Thanks to tiny Meredith’s precious meowing, fuzzy gray ears and ability to play fetch better than a dog, it’s no surprise that she would snag the top spot on the pop culture list.

Named after Meredith Grey from ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Swift’s “Mere” is a young Scottish Fold, who was first introduced to the country star’s fans on her Twitter page last year. Since then, the feline lady has become the star of Swift’s Twitter account, constantly appearing in adorable photobombs and short clips, showing her cat skills while skittering across the floor, playing fetch or just staring up at her owner with wide-eyed adoration.

Swift hasn’t been shy about using Meredith’s adorable factor to appeal to her millions of fans. Earlier this year, the singer made a campaign video asking fans to cast their ballot in her favor for ACM Entertainer of the Year. Swift featured her too-cute kitty in the clip, explaining to her how the voting process works and recording Meredith’s sweet meows and charming wide-eyed glances. Just last month, the ‘Love Story’ tweeted a video of Meredith playing fetch, and it went viral in a matter of days. Like mother, like cat, right?

E! cited Meredith’s “giant marble-like eyes of Pikachu” and her “tiny, triangular ears of newborn grizzly cub” as their reason for choosing a cat over Kate Middleton, superhero movies and Miley Cyrus’ engagement — which all ranked lower on the list than Swift’s pet kitten. They also speculate that “this kitty was forged in the original Furnace of Cuteness.”

Swift takes so many photos and videos of her feline friend that she’s starting to act like the paparazzi does to her. Of course, if you’re ever seen the way Meredith uses her big green eyes to stare at her famous country star ‘mom,’ it’s clear that the cat doesn’t mind the attention.

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