Taylor Swift is seeking to seal documents and photographs that she says prove she was groped by a radio station host in 2013. The plaintiff has also joined the motion to seal.

The Denver Post reports David Mueller and Swift are both asking a judge to close public access to the documents and photos. Swift and her co-defendants argue that one photograph in particular will "be shared for scandalous and pruient interests" and taint a perspective jury pool. They ask that this particular document (Exhibit 14) not be shared until absolutely necessary, as it's extremely personal and sensitive.

The Post points out that if Judge William Martinez agrees to the motion and later dismisses the lawsuit, there will be no trial and the photo will never be publicly revealed.

Mueller was known as "Jackson" on KYGO-FM's "Ryno and Jackson" radio show. He was fired soon after the incident allegedly occurred in June 2013. He was accused of lifting up the pop-country superstar's skirt and groping her during a meet and greet, but the two parties dispute what a key photograph shows. Mueller has denied being involved, saying a colleague was the one who groped Swift. He's suing for slander, arguing that he was fired and banned from Swift concerts for life based on false accusations.

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