The educational system can be a struggle for some kids. It is something I fought through from kindergarten to high school graduation.

I was the type of kid that learned better with hands on experiences than by reading a book and that still holds true today.

It seems my oldest son is going through a similar issue.

It turns out he may have Dyslexia.

Dyslexia is primarily associated with trouble reading. Some doctors, specialists and educators may refer to it as a “reading disorder” or a “reading disability.” But it can also affect writing, spelling and even speaking.

It turns out as many as 15-20% of people are affected by this issue in Montana.

He is 9 years old and is home schooled where we work with him everyday. It has been this way ever since we moved to Billings almost a year ago. When he went to regular school he literally came home on a daily basis telling us he felt stupid. This really bothered my wife and I. The self esteem of our children is really important.

We have him on special programs that are designed to help him. My wife and I also read with him every day and night to assist with his progression but it has been a slow process.

We did some research and were surprised to learn just how many people suffer from this issue.

We continue to work hard for our son as does he.

Do you know someone who suffers from Dyslexia?

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