Recently, with the news of Entree Soup being vandalized (to read about that, click the button below), I noted how much the community enjoys our soup, especially in the colder months! As August winds down, here are my favorite stops for some delicious soup!

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Entree Soup (You knew this was coming)

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Even though Entree Soup is down for the count right now, they will take my number 1 spot every time. Homemade soup and salads at reasonable pricing, available in a snap via their drive-thru on Grand and 6th. I'm looking forward to their reopening, as I need my Goulash fix.

Great Harvest Bread

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Great Harvest is your go-to here in Billings if you're looking for a next-to-gourmet sandwich with a delicious hearty soup. I'm a big fan of their Potato Chowder (Thursdays) and their Baja Chipotle Turkey sandwich (YUM).

Stella's Kitchen

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If you haven't had Stella's, you haven't lived in Billings very long. Stella's offers the best downhome breakfast, lunch, and dinner... plus their soup is just like what my grandma makes. The soup of the day varies, so be sure to look at the specials board when you walk through the door. (Try their Apple Chicken Walnut Sandwich sometime too.)

Soup & Such

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The ever-popular Soup & Such in Downtown and the West End of Billings is last, but certainly not least on my list. There is something special about walking in there and getting to serve yourself from a wide selection of soups, and creating your own amazing salad with breadsticks. My go-to is the Clam Chowder (especially on a 20-degree Montana day)

Let's hear from you!

What are your favorite stops for soup in Billings or the surrounding area? Let me know on our app!

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