So where do you folks go to get your news? It's becoming harder and harder to find a spot that will give you all of the main news stories and more that happened that day.

Once there is a big story the whole half hour or hour is spent on that story without covering anything else. I'm getting to the point where I can't watch any news station with all the experts and different perspectives they give you on just one story.

Maybe that's why prime-time news viewership is down. CNN viewership is down 61% in March, Fox News is down 27% according to Associated Press. CNN for example only has 473,000 viewers in prime time. During Jake Tapper's broadcast, he only had 295,000 viewers. Remember when Ted Turner first kicked off CNN? That station dominated the new way to cover news with a rapid-fire approach to news stories. You would know everything that's going on in less than an hour. Then everything changed and it's gone downhill ever since.

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It seems the best way now to find out what's going on is to read about it....on your phone. Most people can get what they are looking for in a hurry just by searching. Even locally it seems that all the stories aren't the news they are just feel-good human interest stories that don't give you the info you're looking for. It's nice that there are people who want to paint pictures on recycled cardboard and pallets but we would really like to know about standoffs and major interstate problems first. Just saying.

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