I gave some corny pickup lines the last couple of mornings. This got me thinking about some interesting stories about how people met their significant other (past or present).

Now, I'm sure that I'll get a decent number of "We were high school sweethearts". Or "I knew that I was gonna marry him on the first date". But how did you meet? Did some friends set you up? Did you meet online? Or did one of your corny pickup lines actually work?

I know a lot of folks meet at work and things work out. That happened to me a couple of times.

I met one girlfriend through a girl that I was dating. It wasn't as bad as it sounded.

One that stands out, but makes me sound like a stalker was a gal named Marilyn. I excused myself from high school early one day and was driving around the other high school in town. My buddy and I saw this great-looking gal walking home. So we drove next to her. And we did that for 4 or 5 days before she deemed us trustworthy enough to get in the car for a ride.

And the way that it worked out, I asked her out on a date. But she didn't want to wait until the next weekend because she had plans. So it would have to happen on the upcoming weekend. Which was great because she wanted to go out with me. But what was not so great was that this weekend was a long way from payday.

prom wedding couple corsage
Susan Prentice

Well, my buddy's mom ended up making dinner for a bunch of us. And although we never got married, we've stayed friends all these years.

I'll be interested to hear some of your stories.

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