Michael Foth-TSM
Michael Foth-TSM


Have you ever looked up at the planes flying overhead and wondered, "where are they going"?  I do it constantly.  When my kindergartner was a little younger we took her to Las Vegas. Ever since then, she thinks every plane in the sky must be going to to Vegas, lol.  Sure enough there is an app for that!

Actually there are a handful of flight trackers in the app store.  Many of them are free, but this is one app I splurged the $2.99 to buy for the added features and no ad's and it was well worth it. It's called Plane Finder. I'm mildly obsessed with.  It shows every plane in the sky across the world.  You can zoom in to Billings or London or wherever you'd like. It shows how fast the plane is traveling, the altitude, take-off and destination airports, make and country of license of the plane and a bunch of other cool stuff.  It's amazing how many international flights fly right over Billings everyday.

If you're an airplane nerd, check it out. If you're traveling for the holidays I'm sure it'd be a fun time waster at the airports. What are some apps that you've actually paid for?

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