What I am about to admit here may very well make me sound like a bit of a weenie.

When it comes to winter, the weather just is what it is. Frigid cold isn't my favorite thing, but it's an acceptable part of living in Montana for me. I might complain a little about the snow when it gets in my way, but I don't dread it.

The one thing that I truly cannot stand about winter is getting shocked 50 times a day. I have been badly shocked on several occasions while working on various electronics, so I've developed a good healthy respect for electricity. This same good healthy respect also makes me react in a ridiculous way when I get a good dose of static electricity. If the doorknob gets me, I'll probably snap my arm back as though it were a venomous snake.

It's even worse when you're shaking hands with someone. I was introduced to an older lady (she was probably mid 80's) a few years ago and when I reached for her hand, POW! This woman must have been wearing wool from head to toe. She zapped me and I quickly yanked my hand back and said, "Jesus!" Purely an automatic response, but one which made me seem like a crazy person. She apparently hadn't even felt the spark fly.

So, if you see me this winter with my keys in my hand touching every doorknob to discharge the static, now you know why.