One of the most anticipated premiere's of the year s coming up tonight on AMC.  Of course, I'm talking about The Walking Dead.  I missed the first season, but got caught up a couple of days before Season 2 premiered.  It is actually quite a show!  Yes, it's zombies... but who doesn't love a well-done Zombie Apocalypse show?  It's based on a great comic book series of the same name.

One of the things I love about this show, is anything can happen.  It's so cool to be taken totally back by the show, when it goes where others fear to tread... like taking out 3 major characters before the epic season finale.  I love it when no one's safe!  In a real Zombie Apocalypse that's how it would go, anyway.

Of course, I've added video, so you can get just as excited as I am.  Remember, if you haven't seen The Walking Dead, but wonder what all the fuss is about, you can catch up on, at least, last season this weekend on AMC.  Then get ready for a Sunday night full of zombies on one network, and the world's most beloved serial killer on another!  I freakin' LOVE Sunday nights!!!

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