If you're looking for some Montana specific podcasts to download for your Monday morning...

Is he "Mad Vlad" Putin? Or is he a thug taking advantage of Western weakness to launch his attack on Ukraine? We caught up with former CIA Operations Officer Sam Faddis, who also talked about the nuclear threat given his background as head of the CIA's CWMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) unit at the CIA's counterterrorism center.

Plus, we caught up with Gary Marbut from the Montana Shooting Sports Association. He has filed a complaint with the Montana Judicial Standards Commission against a Helena judge. Marbut says the judge violated his oath of office when he wouldn't allow gun rights established in the US and Montana Constitutions to be discussed during arguments involving a campus carry provision signed into law during the 2021 legislative session.

And, for a great feel-good conversation to start your week, we spoke with the Gallatin Futbol Club. Coming up this summer, several high-school age soccer players from the Bozeman area will travel to Arusha, Tanzania for a soccer exchange program where they will help organize and play in a soccer tournament with the youth in Tanzania. Hunter Terry is the Director of the GFF. He's been a AA soccer head coach in Montana for 17 years- coaching in Butte, Great Falls, and now at Bozeman High.

We also spoke with Marika Schultz, one of the students who will be on the trip:

Marika: I think it's a really cool immersive opportunity, because instead of just going over there as a team from Bozeman and playing against teams from Tanzania, we're going to be intermixing with New Vision Futbol kids- players- over there.

Here's all three Montana podcasts for you to download and check out:


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