One of the many perks of working in radio is getting to schmooze with the stars.  As many of you may know if you have listened for any length of time to my show, I have this huge crush on Clay Walker.

Many years ago, when I first fell in "crush" with Clay, my program director at the time, Henry Keith Todd, referred to him as my metal love puppy.

Now there is nothing overly special about Clay Walker. Well, maybe it's his boyish looks and charm.

It could be that I just love his music.

I won't lie here folks, I just simply have a crush on this man.

My husband knows, and he's weirdly fine with it; his crush is Teri Clark so we are even.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many celebrities over the course of my 31 years in radio, but no one is as good a hugger as my guy Clay Walker.

Oh, and ladies, by the way I touched his butt, just a quick pat, but it was a touch none the less.