There are plenty of things to hate on the controversial but popular TLC child pageant reality show ‘Toddlers & Tiaras.’  But what seems to get folks most jazzed up is Southern fried pageant mom June, who gets her six-year old daughter Alana ready for the stage by having her drink something called “Go-Go Juice.”

The concoction is half Mountain Dew, half Red Bull — great for a college kid cramming for an exam, but not so good for someone Alana’s age.  ’Good Morning America’ reporter Andrea Canning went down to McIntyre, GA to confront June on the unhealthy stimulant she pushes on Alana. Not surprisingly, June was completely unapologetic.

There are normal people who give their kids this, so why is it such a big issue with us pageant moms that do it all weekend to keep our kids energized and awake,” was June’s justification.

We’re thinking if normal folks posted videos like this highlight reel of Alana’s heavily caffeinated craziness below, it would in fact be an issue. It’s not a dollar that makes Alana “holla” — it’s all that taurine and yellow dye number five.

[via BuzzFeed]