What's your favorite among all of the tours that you have taken in your life? I saw an article about some kids taking a tour of a TV station. And I thought "Geez, it's been a very long time since we've had any kind of tour come through our radio station. And we used to have them all the time."

Then I started to recall some of the tours that I have taken. And I consider a tour to be one that's guided by somebody who's getting paid to show you around.

I've taken a couple in Seattle. I enjoyed the harbor tour because I don't get to spend a lot of time out on the water. And it's a neat way to see the city. But the tour that takes you underground wasn't my favorite.

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With our Flakes trips, we've been fortunate to go on a lot of cool tours. On the first cruise, we too had a stop at St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Paul and I and three other people went snorkeling at Turtle Island. And it's something that I'll always remember.

On some of the Caribbean islands you and 8 of your friends can just rent a VW bus complete with a tour guide to show you the hot spots. Many of which aren't the ones that you'd see on the ones offered by the cruise lines. We did that in Grenada (which is really beautiful). And then again in Barbados. We even had our driver take us through a bad neighborhood. And then had dinner outdoors.

What was your favorite tour?

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