We've got a good amount of snow heading our way tonight and tomorrow, which will no doubt lead to some less than ideal driving conditions. I know people who have lived in Montana their whole life and still aren't great winter drivers. If everybody on the roads would do these two simple things, we'd have a lot fewer wrecks.

  1. Don't follow so closely! That seems obvious to me, but I guarantee I'll have somebody riding my bumper at some point tomorrow. We all know that many Montanans don't like turn signals to begin with, so you never know when somebody is going to slow down to make a turn or slam on the brakes to avoid somebody else. Back off. If the guy behind you ends up tailgating you because he's upset you're leaving so much space, it's up to him to stop when you do...otherwise he'll be paying to fix your bumper (if he's insured of course).
  2. When the light turns green, look both ways. Sometimes, cross traffic can't stop just because they have a red light. If they know they're going to slide through the intersection anyway, they're likely not even going to hit the brakes. When you get the green light, make sure the cross traffic is actually going to stop before you mash the gas.

In my experience, those two things would save a lot of grief on the roads. Feel free to comment with your winter driving tips and have a safe drive to work tomorrow.