The Urban Shredder from Hot Wheels looks like every kid's moist dream and every parent's biggest nightmare.

This kiddie crotchrocket is powered by a 250 watt motor and two DC 12 volt batteries. It has a maximum speed of 10mph, unless this kid lives near hills, where it could probably reach speeds of around 90 mph. That's an educated guess.

Other features include "a twist-grip electronic throttle control, an 8-inch pneumatic rear wheel, hand brake, adjustable foot/knee deck, wall charger and a 'sparking action' function that makes sparks fly under the deck on sharp turns."

Of course, as cool as the Urban Shredder appears, it's not exactly the safest form of travel for a youngster. Check out the warning on the video.

Urban Shredder

Warning -- this kid's toy probably isn't for kids. That's an educated guess.

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