One song from Vince Gill's new Down to My Last Bad Habit album is sure to become a favorite at weddings in the coming decade. "Like My Daddy Did" is the perfect groom-to-bride song, and Gill sings it sweetly during this acoustic performance, premiering on ToC.

This new song from Gill's latest album (released Feb. 12) finds the singer telling the story of two lovers nervous to jump with both feet into their new union. She wants to know he'll treat her like her father did, and his response is perfect:

"I took that pretty girl by the hand / Looked her in her eyes and said I understand / Nothing you can tell me that would change a thing / I still want you to wear my ring / Treat you like my daddy did / When he took me fishing when I was a kid / When I played ball, he never missed a game," Gill sings during a song he wrote on his own.

"Like My Daddy Did" is the sweet kind of story that country music relies on. Gill's new album is full of them, although not all are this sweet. Songs like "Make You Feel Real Good" are more ... physical ... while ballads like "I'll Be Waiting for You," a duet with Cam, and "Sad One Comin' On" (a tribute to George Jones) hurt in the best kind of way.

Little Big Town also makes an appearance on Down to My Last Bad Habit, Gill's first solo studio album in over four years. He wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs.

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