Poker is the only live card game that is allowed in Montana casinos, and it's quite prominent in the Magic City. Five different casinos in Billings offer either Texas Hold 'Em or Omaha Hold 'Em Poker. Obviously, many of these places have dedicated player bases and certain rules in each casino. But, if you're just looking for a place to start, here's what you should do.

Learn the Rules of Both Types of Poker If You Haven't

There isn't a whole lot to learn about each type of Poker, but knowing the rules will help aid you once you take to the felt for real. The basic rules for each game boil down to coming up with the best hand of five cards using the cards you're dealt (hole cards) and the cards in the middle of the table (community cards).

The only difference between Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha Hold 'Em is that in Omaha, you get four cards and must use two of them, while in Texas you get two cards and can use one or both of them. Full rules for each game can be found online pretty easily.

Once You Know the Rules, Check Out The Poker Parlors

Each poker place has its own schedule, buy-in rules, and game types. The best way to know what type of game they play and schedule is to just give them a call. Here are the five places you can play poker and their contact information.

  • Queen of Hearts Card Room at the Crystal - 406-259-0010
  • Karen's Card Room at the Red Door - 406-670-6670
  • The Poker Parlor at the Gold Dust - 406-969-1970
  • Bugz's Cardroom - 406-200-4006
  • America's Poker Saloon - 406-850-5958
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Always remember that gambling is not for everyone, and be careful with your money. Other than that, I hope you enjoy your time playing poker here in Billings. Who knows, you may find me at the same table.

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