Why do we gamble? For some it's an addiction; they're always looking for the big win, but at what cost? For some, it's relaxing. Oh sure, we hope we win, who wouldn't right? Whatever the reason, online gambling is a huge moneymaker. According to the American Gambling Association, there was $43.6 billion generated in commercial gaming revenue in 2019 , making it the fifth-straight year of revenue growth. Did you ever wonder who invented gambling? We see it in the old movies and TV series, as they are sitting around playing poker, but gambling has been around for hundreds of centuries. According to gambling.net, gambling dates back to 200bc.

Gambling isn't new. It's just more common now and has become more electronic. I remember several years ago when there were only a few games like poker or keno. Now there are hundreds of different games including line keno games. I will say I've never really understood the line games. I'm more of a Jacks or Better, or Super Keno kind of gal (when I play and it's usually on a few bucks). It's funny that we are cloud nine when we're winning, and feel desperate when we lose. Ever wonder how many casinos there are in Montana, not to mention the machines that are in restaurants? Well according to dojmt.gov, Montana has more than 1,400 licensed gambling operators and locations that offer more than 16,000 video gambling machines to the public and that there are legal gambling establishments in every county in the state, These stats don't completely surprise me as it seems there's a casino of some sort on every corner.

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