ZERO! I watched the debate for about an hour and half, and learned nothing new. It was the same old talking points and accusations. It was like a shark feeding frenzy on each other. It makes me wonder how Sanders, Warren and Klobuchar (all sitting Senators) and Biden a former Senator and former Vice President, can continually spew out that things need to change in the House and Senate, but they've had years to help make changes and nothing has happened. Yes I know the Senate is controlled by Republicans, but it wasn't always, remember the Democrats had majority in both the House and the Senate for awhile and that there was a Democrat President in the White House for 8 years. I'm not trying to start a fight or a huge debate on politics, I'm simply pointing out that there was nothing new in this debate, no new way forward, no different take on things and how we bring the country together, it was just a bunch of finger pointing and making excuses. I have no doubt the debates will be the same when it comes time for the Democrat nominee and the Republican nominee (common sense would tell you that it will be President Trump) to debate. No wonder there are so many people who feel angry on both sides. For the love of God,  let's put our country and it's citizens first. Why does it have to be red or blue, why can't it just be us?

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