So why isn't any of this stuff working? And what's the weather you want? Give us an answer... a number... a goal!

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This week the Biden administration has announced new plans for your hot water heaters. Maybe THIS will change the temperature. All of their new ideas and changes don't work.

We've Heard It Before

Remember when homes didn't have enough insulation? Then, we went to change all of the AC units in America to get rid of R-12. That didn't work. So, next, it was to take the lead out of gas and add catalytic converters to cars. No results.

Then they started pushing car pools and stiffer mileage requirements. Still no change. Nuclear power would fix it, nope. The last ten years have expanded the use of solar and wind, great, but no change.

So let's get rid of coal production and the power plants they run, OK, still no change. The problem is the light bulbs in this country so that was the end of the incandescent bulb, no results.

It must be the people who have been cooking with gas stoves over all these years, and still no results. If we make everyone drive an electric car and use lithium batteries that will definitely change things! It's not working.

Cows are the problem, they create way too much methane, so we need to grow artificial meat in a lab... that will fix it.

We finally pinpointed it this week though, after 50 years of trying, it's the dreaded hot water heater, finally. Thank God, now no more 100-degree days...

See ya tomorrow at 5

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