The worst thing in the WHOLE world happened today to me.... Card. Theft.


That's not the worst part though. The worst and most sucky part is I have to get a new debit card. Like... what the heck did I do to deserve having to switch all my bills to a new card. Simply terrible.

I get a phone call from the fraud department at my bank asking me to verify a purchase. Apparently someone tried to spend like $183 at a store in Tacoma, WA called Finish Line. What I don't understand is I still have my card and was using it all day here in Billings. Don't get how people do the shady stuff they do. All I know is I was told they would be locking my account and that I would need to call the bank and get a new card issued.

Now, I've still been using the same bank in Seattle and I've been needing to switch to something here in Billings but haven't been wanting to because I'd have to switch over all my bills. WELL... I'm going to have to anyway now soooo I'm looking for suggestions! Who's your fav? I like good ATM locations and a really good banking app! Ready.... GO!

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