I have been all around this country and from one corner to the next, everyone is obsessed with something. Whatever the something may be changes somewhat from area to area though.

Nashville is obsessed with country music for example. Los Angeles, the perfect tan and most extreme Botox injections it seems. Boise, partying, Broncos and potatoes. Memphis has Elvis and the Blues.This list goes on and on.

America as whole though seems to be on social media, the latest technology and the fastest, most souped-up car or truck. It seems to be an issue that is growing larger every single day with no end in sight.

We all have material things that we love and think we cannot live without. In my opinion it's ok to cherish something without being addicted. There's a fine line there that all to often is crossed. I even do it. Social media, my truck, the latest in gadgets. I'm there, too.

So what do you say Cat Pack? What is Billings obsessed with? Tell me about it at 406-248-5665.

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