I was talking to a friend over the weekend that had worked at a radio station with my dad and I back in the mid-eighties. I recalled a picture that was taken backstage at a concert in Lewistown of my dad, me, and Chris LeDoux.

My dad had called when he heard that Chris would be playing at the Lewistown fairgrounds. He said that there were people who lived in Lewistown who listened to his show out of Great Falls on KMON and also listened to The Breakfast Flakes out of Billings. He said that we should co-emcee the show. So we did.

Now, I wasn't the biggest fan of LeDoux's music at that time because I had not heard very much of it. But I stuck around to watch him after we walked off of the stage. And what a show. Talk about high energy.

I seem to recall hearing Garth Brooks talk about how much he admired Chris and his high-energy performances.

In addition to the show, backstage he was very gracious to all of us who were back there. He signed every autograph and let us all take every picture.

If you've never seen a concert at the fairgrounds in Lewistown you're missing out. Everybody there is extremely friendly. And prices for meals and motel rooms were very reasonable.

Now that my dad's gone, I cherish this picture a lot.

Fast forward to Homesteader days a few years back when Chris's son, Ned was performing. The apple didn't fall far from the LeDoux family tree. Ned is carrying on the family tradition. His dad would be proud. I know my dad is.

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