We got an e-mail this morning that we read on the air about a student suicide.

Even as Paul was reading it, I thought about a friend of mine who committed suicide. There were many classic signs of suicide that he demonstrated, but we ignored them. We didn't ask if he was doing okay. We just thought it was the start of his midlife crisis.

He had just gotten divorced, got a very young girlfriend, and bought an extremely expensive ski boat that he couldn't possibly afford.

Then, he went on a "Goodbye Tour." He visited his friends in different cities, all on the same road trip, which was unusual for him, but we just thought he was finally free to do what he wanted. But that wasn't the reason.

Learn the signs of suicide. Google them. Remember them. Then look for them in the ones that you love. Don't be afraid to ask them if they've thought about committing suicide. Here are a few resources:

We lost Clemmer 20 years ago. And not seeing some very obvious signs still haunts me.


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