In a new set of Jack Daniel’s commercials, Zac Brown Band promote the Tennessee whiskey while encouraging people to have self control while drinking. One of the commercials features frontman Zac Brown briefly talking about what it means to be in a band and to have people looking out for you — which means keeping you from making compromised decisions.

“However much you care about something is what you put into it, what you give,” Brown says. “I am responsible for watching after my people and in return I have a whole group of people that watch out over me, and that’s a band.” The camera then flashes to a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and text that reads, “Protect your band. Enjoy responsibly.”

The second commercial airing on TV now doesn’t include any on-camera speaking from Brown, but instead shoots back and forth from epic-looking clips of a screaming, packed-out crowd at a Zac Brown Band concert, to footage of everything it takes to get ready for such a huge event, with semis full of gear and a heavily-manned crew.

“It’s not about the number of trucks,” a voice says. “It’s not about the gear. It’s not about the brightness of the lights or the size of the stage. It’s about staying true to whatever you do.” The ad boasts the tagline, “Jack Daniel’s and Zac Brown Band together on tour.”

Last week, Brown, a father of four, put his Harley Davidson up for auction on eBay to benefit Andrew’s Warriors, a group raising money for a 10-month-old boy suffering from Central Core Disease. The bidding opened Wednesday, Feb. 22 and ended this morning (Feb. 28) with a winning bid of $14,200.

Watch Zac Brown Band in New Jack Daniel’s Commercials

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