Skypoint in downtown Billings is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year! The tent-like structure is located over the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Broadway.

It’s highest point is 73 feet above ground level while the shorter columns are 28 feet high. There are three “sails” that make up the structure. The biggest sail is 100 feet by 40 feet and can move to let the sun through or to cover the intersection if it rains. It weighs a whopping 144 tons! Skypoint was completed in April 2002 and dedicated in May 2002. It was originally named the “Defining Element” but was renamed after Riverside Middle School student Elizabeth Burley won a naming contest. The icon was built as part of a plan to revitalize downtown Billings and attract more people to downtown. Numerous events such as the Strawberry Festival and the Christmas Stroll are held each year under Skypoint.