Anyone can grill a hot dog.  It's not that impressive.  Now what about a firecracker hot dog?  They are simple and might just be fun enough for the kids to want to eat them.

What about the adults?  The chili dog, a staple but not everyone makes them the same, nor do they want to.  I went with the recipe for the Coney Island Chili Dog.  Chicago doesn't just do pizza right.  They also do hot dogs right.  You can also find a video for the Chicago Dog below.  More veggies than the chili dog, but just as good.

Hey!  Is there a Montana hot dog?  You should teach me how to make that.

  • 1

    Chicago Style Hot Dog

    This guy has it down. He's pretty serious about how to make this dog right.

  • 2

    Coney Island Chili Dog

    This video starts off with the chili.  So you know you'll end up with that Coney Island flavor.

  • 3

    Firecracker Hot Dog

    Fun for the kids at your 4th Of July party!  Look great and easy to make.

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