Look, I understand the odds of winning the $970,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot tonight (1/22) are pretty slim. 1 in 302,575,350 to be exact. But it sure is fun to dream isn't it? With a jackpot of nearly a BILLION dollars, even after taxes and lawyers and financial planner fees you'd still end up dirty, rotten, filthy stinkin' rich.

To the people who say they would keep their job if they won a major lottery jackpot, I call BS. I love my job (a lot), but one of the first phone calls I would make would be to call the boss and politely let them know it's been a pleasure and my services are no longer available.

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After some frivolous spending and celebrations, I'd then probably head on a massive world-wide scouting mission to scope out places I'd like to buy houses. An island in the tropics would probably be high on the list. But I'd have to keep at least one place in Montana. Probably two or three. A place for my "base camp" where I could always come back to when laying on a beach all day starts to gets old.

There are plenty of multi-million dollar ranches and estates for sale in the Treasure State and choosing the perfect "I'm suddenly ridiculously rich" home might be a tough choice. Quality land and privacy (ideally with some water) would be my personal preference. We found seven great options you can check out, just in case you win the big bucks.

Lottery Dream Properties in Montana

I know I will probably never win the lottery, but like that famous Dumb and Dumber quote says, "so... you're telling me there's a chance?" means I'll keep buying tickets every once in a while.

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