Hate to start out a Monday with some bad news. But this is one of those stories that has a subtle message.

Over the weekend a retired military hero, who had served twice in Iraq has died after being struck by a vehicle in Montana.  He died a hero, serving his country with honor and bravery.

The hero? He was a 7 year old explosives-detecting German shepherd named Natz, who died after being hit outside East Helena.

According to Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Inman, the driver reported being blinded by oncoming headlights, and struck the dog. The driver pulled over, removed the dog from the road and called the authorities to report what had happened.

Now, why was one of our brave war veterans’ wondering the roads? It’s not what you think. He had a brand new home.

According to owner Rachel Weidner this was the first time he had gone missing since she got him in May. Weidner says she received Natz in May to fulfill a dream of acquiring a retired military dog.

Natz retired in the spring because of post-traumatic stress disorder. No word on what type of burial the dog will receive, but if we had anything to do with it, there would full military honors for Natz -he served his country well.

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