Today is a very hard day for some of us.  Not just because we are going through COVID-19 and in stay-at-home mode, but for my family, today marks the four year anniversary of my dear sweet sister Angie's passing after a very short illness.

Today, and every day for that matter, I think of her beautiful soul and humor. She was one of the hardest working people I've ever know. She was fierce in defending her family and loved with such a big heart. Many may wonder why we linger on the day of their passing. My husband always says, "You have to let go of the date she passed and remember all of the other things." That is very good advice. I guess I'm just not ready to do that.

If my sister Angie were still with us today, she would be bossing her husband David to take care of himself, reminding her children to be good humans and doting over her grandchildren and laughing with the rest of us about silly fun things we did as kids. Being in lock-down, so to speak, has made me think about a lot of things, especially how precious and short life really can be. There are two songs that always make me think of her and yes they make me cry every time, You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell and My Sister by Reba McEntire.  Love your family, love your friends and above all else, tell them.  I love and miss you Angela Kay Gallagher - O'Neil.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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