For most of us, having a furry friend in our life is important. Our pets become part of our family and in return give us unconditional love and many years of companionship. They have plenty to eat, lots of treats, toys, long walks at the park chasing ducks and if they are lucky a spot on the foot of the bed. But for some less fortunate critters, including livestock, life is not that easy, in fact it's tragic. Due to the difficult circumstances many of these animals have endured they are frequently considered to difficult to place. But because of a new organization that is willing to do everything possible to save these animals, its the chance for a new life.
This is a two year project which is financed by the ASPCA; for now the primary patients will be dogs that have been seized from puppy mills and hoarders. The first few dogs will arrive in the next few days from the Pacific Northwest, including the last of the 217 Malmutes seized from a Montana breeder starved and living in filth. Lets hope for the best for these wounded creatures they deserve a better life!

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