One of the features here at Cat Country for me has been the addition of Wet Nose Wednesday. Tiffany from the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter brings a new furry friend every Wednesday. The idea is to get some publicity for these poor animals and get them adopted as soon as possible.

When it comes to loving animals, whether they are mine or not, I want them treated with kindness. And most people are the same. Most.

That's why when I read the story in the Billings Gazette about somebody releasing those nine hounds into the woods was so infuriating. I'm thankful that so many folks chipped in and helped find the dogs as they were scattered over a large area.

The part that bothers me, like I'm sure it does you, is that the penalties for just letting animals go is not severe enough. Also, the fact that law enforcement has bigger fish to fry each day with the rise of drug crimes and shootings in our quiet little town.

The thing about those nine hounds is that somebody knows who set those poor dogs free. If we could find that person and entice them with some sort of prize package. You know, tell us the name of the low life that did this and you don't do jail time.

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And although you won't go to jail for something like this, you should.

Pet ownership is a responsibility you agree to when you first get that animal. It's kind of a "til death do us part" situation.

So to the person or persons who let those dogs loose, I hope you have read up on an upcoming event. It's called "Judgement Day."

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