Mans Best Friend
The American Kennel Club has just announced their 193rd breed in the roster. It's a fleet footed hound called the Azawakh. It comes from the Sahara Desert region and makes a good hunter and guardian. I prefer Labs, they make good best friends...
Why Is My Dog Putting Her Head Under The Bed?
Since moving into the new house, I've noticed my Boston Terrier Addison scooting herself under the bed to cover her head. Did she find her new favorite spot or is there something more going on? Here are some reasons your dog may be hiding under the bed.
Will Rocks In The Dog Bowl Save My Grass?
Dog Rocks are naturally occurring para-magnetic igneous rock from Australia that claims to be "100% Natural & Proven" and helps remove tin, ammonia and other impurities in dog urine that burn these unsightly yellow patches into the yard.
Pups In The Park
Tonight at the Mustang game you can bring your dog to the ballpark. Maybe some day city officials will let our little league use it to for their special championships too. If we have a day for the dogs, we should be able to have a day for the kids to play baseball there...
Truck Driving Dog
I don't know the dog in my photo, I just know that I wish I was headed somewhere in a big ol semi.
Many times, dogs are better to take long road trips with than people. Dogs don't tell you how to drive, or something they don't like about you, or even when to stop...
Riding Shotgun
Whenever I take my dog with me, he always gets the front seat. Don't know what I would do without a dog. They're the best and it doesn't take them long to get ready to go either......just kidding.

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