Most folks don't care too much about the ACM's but, we play the songs, so here's my 2 cents worth.

First these awards are from the Academy Of Country Music. We all also have another big awards show in November fro the Country Music Association. (That's one too many award shows for me, but that's for another day.)

First observation: Dan & Shay, are you two aware that you only got nominated because we need 5 acts for the category?

Single/Song: For this award, "Single' is for the singer, "Song" is for the writer.

"Humble & Kind" is up for both these awards. I would hope that it would win for "Song" and "Single" would go to "My Church".  "Die A Happy Man" won "Single" last year, and wasn't really big enough to win again this year.

The only pick I'm really considering a "Lock" is "Forever Country" as it had everybody except Garth Brooks in it and it featured a John Denver song. We shall see.


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