Usually a best man’s duties are limited to throwing the bachelor party and getting the groom to the ceremony on time. But one British guy went above-and-beyond by donating one of his kidneys to the bride.

Leanne Stefanovic, 31, had been in kidney failure for four years, which necessitated nine exhausting hours of daily dialysis. But thanks to her new husband’s best friend, Stuart Kilgannon, she’s on the mend after a successful kidney transplant.

I feel normal again,” she said. “I have got a lot to thank Stuart for.”

Stuart served as best man when Leanne married Shaun Stefanovic in Cyprus last year. He was the only match found when family and friends were tested as potential donors, and he happily obliged.

Although he’s in pain after the surgery and has had to battle off a chest infection, he has no regrets. “It’s hard to describe, but it’s a fantastic feeling,” he said. “I’ve seen Leanne and she looks ten years younger. Her kidney function is better than mine. To see how she looks is unbelievable.”

Stuart’s wife added, “It’s an outstanding gift of life that he’s given. I’m really proud of him.”

As for Shaun, he’s overwhelmed by his best friend’s kindness, saying, “I can’t express in words what he has done for us. How can you repay someone for doing that for your wife? He is my hero.”

After she recovers in full, Leanne hopes to further her studies and eventually start a family.

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