Photo: Johnny Vincent

'The Breakfast Flakes' handed over a check for $7,000 to Curtis Lemmon, who was paralyzed from the chest down following a motorcycle accident in March 2018, so that he can purchase a new wheelchair. Listeners of Mark & Paul helped raise the funds this past summer.

Following the accident, Curtis spent nearly two weeks on life support, 106 days in four different facilities and since returning home, has lost more feeling in his arms and legs.

Photo: Johnny Vincent

Curtis' mom Robin Lemmon recalls the moment when she contacted Mark & Paul to let them know insurance wouldn't cover the custom wheelchair that would be essential for his quality of life.

"When I messaged them about our insurance problems I was expecting one of Paul’s famous rants. The direction it went and all the calls coming in were fantastic, but we were honestly speechless with gratitude."

Within a matter of hours, Mark & Paul had collected the funds needed that would purchase a custom chair that Robin says, "...isn't a's his LEGS!"

Curtis' new "Breakfast Flakes" wheelchair will arrive sometime next week and he already has big plans. "The next thing will be a tracked wheelchair," he said, "for offroading, so that I can go anywhere."

Mark & Paul are two of the most wholesome, stand up people we’ve ever met! We Love the Breakfast Flakes ❤️ Thank you from the bottom of our heart. -Darrell & Robin Lemmon

Photo: Johnny Vincent