The Billings Food Bank has received a huge donation of food from the nation's leading food kit company, HelloFresh.  HelloFresh has donated "two truckloads of meal kits," and after preparation and packaging, the Billings Food Bank will be able to give those meals to people in our community. Sheryle Shandy, Director of the Billings Food Bank, is very thankful to HelloFresh.

 “We have a meal packaging system that allows us to deliver prepared meals to those in our community who need our assistance. We can’t thank HelloFresh enough for helping us meet the mission of the Billings Food Bank.”

Though the Food Bank has been lucky enough to receive this generous gift, there is still a huge undertaking ahead to prepare the meals. The time frame to get the meals prepared is very tight; the meals must be prepared and packaged by Friday, March 26th. The Food Bank is "looking for volunteers to help cook the meals and package them. Volunteers needed include chefs, food service workers, home cooks, and anyone who wants to help" and help out the community. Shandy went on to say,

"If you’re interested in helping, please call the Billings Food Bank at (406) 259-2856 as soon as possible."

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HelloFresh is the largest meal kit delivery service in the United States. The Billings Food Bank has been providing food assistance for over 35 years and last year they provided more than $30,000,000 in services to the Billings Community, according to their website, and they are always looking for volunteers to help them out with a variety of tasks throughout the year.


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