When it comes to being stuck in traffic, Billings is a GREAT place to be. I know, the MetraPark area can be a struggle at times but none of it compares to what others deal with on a daily basis.

No surprise here... A story from USA Today says Los Angeles is the worst city in the world for traffic. That makes 6 years in a row that they have been given this honor. Thinking of moving to LA? I would rethink it. The average driver in. spent 102 hours in sitting rush-hour traffic last year. The average wait time for all cities in America was 41 hours. Here's the top 10 places you might want to avoid...

1.  L.A., 102 hours.

2.  New York, 92 hours.

3.  San Francisco, 79 hours.

4.  Atlanta, 70.

5.  Miami, 64.

6.  Washington, D.C., 63.

7.  Boston, 60.

8.  Chicago, 57.

9.  Seattle, 55.

10.  Dallas, 54 hours.

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