Sometimes, going to a game is just not enough to get an up-close look at your hero.

A little boy scampered onto the court during Monday night's Knicks-Pelicans game in New Orleans to hug Carmelo Anthony.

The embrace took place in the fourth quarter of the Pelicans victory. Just as quickly as the boy ran onto the court, he bolted back to the seats.

The incident surprised Anthony, who told the New York Daily News, "I was shocked. I didn’t really know who was it until I actually looked over and saw it was a kid.”

The hug resulted in a lot of "awwwws," but you'd have to think that reaction would be a lot more severe if it had been adult who managed to skirt security and find his or her way onto the court.

It's unclear if the boy was ejected from the arena or if his parents got into any trouble for the stunt.

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