If you've listened to our show over the years, you know how much music means to me. And now Thomas Rhett has a hit with "What's Your Country Song?"

I couldn't possibly narrow it down to one or even give you a country song. And I've got a song for most of the people in my life, though most of you don't know it.

John Denver's "Sweet Surrender" has always been a favorite of mine. And my friends know to play it at my funeral, when that day comes.

Shortly before my dad died, he told me that he almost came to tears every time he heard "Cat's In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin. He told me that every time he heard "He'd grown up just like me, my boy was just like me," he'd get teary-eyed. Now that he's gone, it's my turn to cry whenever it gets played.

My sister occasionally sends "Free Bird" to my car radio from heaven, and my brother sends, "Go Tell It On The Mountain" when I'm thinking about him.

Here's a big category for me: songs and old girlfriends. Go ahead, take your shots. I can take it.

Sue gets, "When I Call Your Name." For Kyra, it's, "My All" by Mariah Carrey. Jenny used to sing "I Hate Myself For Loving You" at talent nights on the Flakes trips, and I'll never forget sitting at a four-way stop in Riverton, Wyoming in 1985. It was snowing like crazy. A beautiful young lady named Jackie was trying to be nice while breaking up with me. On the radio, Lionel Richie was singing "Say You, Say Me." It was devastating.

So, are you like me? Do certain songs take you back or remind you of something or someone?

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