It appears as if the great American workhorse is actually a wild eyed party animal with an insatiable appetite for self-destruction.

A new study recently found that the immoral majority of business travelers, a whopping 94 percent, act like second-class degenerates while they are away from home.

The study found that 71 percent of those who travel for business say they drink too much, while 66 percent say they cheat on their spouses, among other indiscretions, like not sticking to exercise regimes, going to bed late and engaging in the use of illicit drugs.

“We have found that business travel can bring out the worst in us,” said Denise Persson, chief marketing officer of virtual communications platform ON24, which conducted the research. “But it’s these travel nightmares that make some of the best comedy. Our research demonstrates that our work and the resulting business travel put too much pressure on ourselves and our families.”

That pressure is certainly being felt by most Americans, as 85 percent of the study participants claimed that the stress of working long hours, as well as the demand for more productivity from their employers has seriously overstepped the bounds of their personal time.

What’s more is that the majority of working class society claims they suffer many other consequences from working too much, including the 70 percent who say that too much work resulted in their failed marriages, as well as others who said that too much time away from home leads to health problems, rebellious children and an increased probability of an affair.

While one-third of the working population says they wouldn’t be willing to do anything more in order to earn an extra year of life, 22 percent say they would be willing to give up shaving, while another 22 percent say they would quit their jobs, and 18 percent claim they would give up television forever just to have one more year of life on earth.

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