Summer carnival season is here and this one at Rimrock Mall is the first I've seen this year. It's no MontanFair midway, but for a parking lot carnival they actually have some decent rides and the staple fair foods you would expect, e.g. corn dogs and funnel cakes.

I've loved carnivals since back when I thought being a carnie was probably the greatest job in the world. These days, even though I question the safety of the rides and the life choices of some of the employees, I still get a nostalgic feeling wandering around and will probably ride a few things with the kid. They have some pretty impressive swings, but I'll have to take a pass. Even when I reach my weight loss goal with Billings Last Diet, I still don't think I will be comfortable suspended by a chain that looks like it belongs on a porch swing.

Prices are about what you would expect. A buck a ticket and most of the big rides take 4 or 5 tickets. They didn't have "Vertigo" (which I think is a lot like Speed at MontanaFair) set up, but the sign said it was a six ticket ride or a wristband.

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