Veterans Day Tomorrow, We are Honoring Sacrifice for Freedom
Tomorrow November 11th is Veterans Day. It's still a very important holiday for me as I have a Favorite Veteran that I always think about. You all know who that is, he loved his country until the day he died. I'm writing this today so that tomorrow when we check our articles we can pay tribute to all of your favorite veterans in your life.
Billings Family Holiday or Travel Somewhere Warm?
There are a lot of people who get together over the holidays. One of the things that my Family is considering is a  gathering over gifts. in a way, it seems simpler just pick a spot you would like to go to over the holidays and make travel arrangements and it's done. A vacation of sorts instead in the winter vs the summer.
My Shopping is Easy, Will Christmas Gift Shortage Effect Billings?
Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? These days if you haven't by now, then you are the exception to the rule. If you're listening to the national news, they are hyping the shortage of presents that are sitting in those cargo ships parked off of our shores that are awaiting truck drivers to get them to their destination.
Supplies Short This Christmas. Try Family In Montana!
You are going to find out that this Holiday is going to be different. You might not get what you want and you may not get it when you want it. Suppliers are having a tough time with inventory and it does seem to matter what it is. Try buying a 4-wheeler right now it's virtually impossible not to mention the parts to keep them running. If you do find something you like online it's going to take longer than usual to get it delivered.
Top States For Fishing, Does Montana Rank?
Today is officially the first day of Fall, but do you know what is happening on September 25th? Well, grab your fishing gear because it's National Hunting and Fishing Day. That's a holiday now that people should get off not Labor day. Labor on Labor day and fish on National Hunting and Fishing Day.

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