Why is BNSF Mandating the Vaccine Against Montana Law?
I've been hearing a lot of questions and concerns from our radio listeners who are also frontline workers in the railroad industry. They are very concerned that BNSF Railway, and other railroads, are going to try and force the COVID vaccine on their employees, even though Montana law specifically says that is not allowed.
Montana Leg. Committee Exploring Facial Recognition Technology
A Montana legislative committee is taking a close look at facial recognition technology, and probing state agencies on potential uses and abuses. Coming up November 17th at the state capitol in Helena, lawmakers will question several state agency officials during an Economic Affairs interim committee meeting.
“Let’s Go Brandon Rally” for Missoula Pastor Brandon Huber
The free speech rights and the Christian beliefs of Missoula-area Pastor Brandon Huber are under attack. Now, locals are planning a "Let's Go Brandon" rally to stand up for Pastor Brandon. I spoke with Pastor Brandon's lawyer Matthew Monforton on Monday's "Montana Talks" radio show...

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