Chris Young's family Christmas tradition has gotten out of hand. The singer is totally "that guy" when it comes to decorating, he says.

Actually, his family is "that family," because Young goes above and beyond when it comes to decorating his parents' house. "I think the point where they were like ‘Okay, maybe this is a little too much,’” he says smiling. “There was like a 20-foot-tall inflatable — Rudolph — and I put it in my parents’ front yard and my dad came home and was like, ‘This is too much! You need to bring it back just a little bit.’”

The Young family can put Chris' new Christmas album on the CD player this year. It Must Be Christmas drops on Oct. 14 and features collaborations from Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Boyz II Men. There are two new songs, but the "I'm Comin' Over" singer says he focused on the classics.

“It’s kind of like comfort food,” Young shares. “You don’t want a whole lot of brand new songs that people have never heard.”

It Must Be Christmas is Young's first Christmas album, and he's really excited about it. In the past he's cut a song for a compilation album, but after 10 years on RCA Nashville, he's finally getting a chance to cut a record he's dreamed of for a very long time.

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