Looks like New York City is once again a trend-setter — its proposed ban on large sodas has made Cambridge, MA wonder whether it should follow suit.

On Monday night, Mayor Henrietta Davis suggested the idea at a city council meeting, saying sugary soda doesn’t just make people fat, it also contributes to diabetes and heart disease in young people.

“It seems like the way we have to go is look at the environment, look at the temptations that are out there for people,” she said. “See if that can be easier on all of us by not having bottomless pits of soda.”

The ban in New York City is currently in the midst of a six-week public comment period, after which the local board of health will decide whether or not to implement it. Some members of the board even want to take it a step further and get rid of giant buckets of movie theater popcorn and oversized milkshakes, too.

As for Cambridge, the mayor says she’ll see what the public health department there has to say before moving forward.

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