I work downtown in the Crowne Plaza and, like most employees, I must park in the city parking garage on First Avenue. There have definitely been occasions (at least three) when I have encountered some weirdness in the garage's elevator.

I have seen a presumably homeless man sleeping, a young drunk hipster passed out and a couple engaged in romantic activity on the floor. On all three occasions I did what any fat person who is allergic to stairs would do: I got in anyway.

I'm not the type to alert authorities...I just wanted to get to my car, but it was certainly awkward (especially with the couple...eww). I doubt this sticker would have deterred anyone I have encountered, but I was still happy to see it. Since it says "recording" I assume that no one is actually monitoring this stuff live, but instead use the recordings as evidence. Perhaps it would deter a more serious crime like assault or robbery.

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