OK, I may be slightly exaggerating with that headline... but there are good reasons for you to STOP drinking diet soda.

I've been dieting my entire life and up until this last year I would drink at least a six pack of Diet Mountain Dew every day. It's sugar free!

Well then I found out some interesting information about the calorie free beverages that have been marketed to fat people like me for decades.

A 2013 Study found damaged brain cells in lab rats when the poor little bastards were force fed the artificial sweetener in most diet sodas. Scientist say this could cause migraines in us humans!

Diet Coke uses aspartame that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. That will overwhelm your taste buds which could dull the taste of the cupcakes you stuff in your face when you fall off the wagon! And if you are using Splenda in your morning joe, that's 600 times sweeter than sugar!

A recent study in Japan found drinking diet soda could actually increase your risk for diabetes! Middle aged men were much more likely to develop type-2 diabetes if they drank at least one diet soda a day. Maybe all the mercury in sushi will counteract this effect?

AND WORST OF ALL... It might not even help you lose weight!  A bunch of recent studies have shown it does the opposite, including one that found you're 65% more likely to become obese in the next decade if you drink diet soda.But this might be the key to those of us who love food. Because of the effect on your taste buds, not drinking diet soda will make you stop craving junk food! WHAAAT? Fast food is loaded with salt and sugar that overcome the dulling of your senses. Stop drinking the diet stuff and regular, good for you food will taste better!

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